Friday, January 12, 2007

The Rotterdam fishery protection ship Sint Paul

Ron van Maanen has the usual information about the Rotterdam ship Sint Paul (or Paulus) that was captured by the English on 22 July 1652. The ship was put into service by the English, as a 5th Rate. I wondered if we might be able to recognize the Dutch dimensions in the 7 March 1652 document from the Admiralty of Rotterdam. I have a system for converting English to Dutch measurement that will give some idea of the correct dimensions:
St. Paul

English:  Length on the keel=84ft, Beam=25-1/2ft, Depth=9ft-8in
Estimated Dutch in Amsterdam feet: Length=112ft Beam=28ft-9in Hold: 11ft
Estimated Dutch in Maas feet: 102ft-8in x 26-1/2ft x 10ft

Candidates in Maas feet:
a fishery ship: 106ft x 25ft x 9ft-9in with 30-34 guns
a fishery ship: 100ft x 24ft x 9ft-9in with 28 guns
a fishery ship: 103ft-8in x 22-1/2ft x 10ft-10in with 28 guns
a fishery ship: 92ft x 22ft x 10ft-7in

I would think that the ship could be the 106ft-long ship, and that my estimation method is underestimating the rake of the ship (the ratio between the waterline length and the keel length). This length would give a factor of 1.3766, which is not excessive. I have written about this issue, previously. The calculations are still valid.

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