Sunday, April 03, 2005

The two English captains named John Bowen

What must have been the elder John Bowen served in the Parliamentarian navy. In 1642, he commanded the 3rd Rate Antelope. In 1643, he commanded the Entrance. In 1644, he was moved to the Dreadnought (which was in the last stages of its service life). In 1645, he commanded the 3rd Rate Leopard. In 1646, he commanded the 3rd Rate Garland. In 1647, moved to the 3rd Rate Entrance. Finally, in 1648, he commanded the 4th Rate Phoenix. During this time, the younger John Bowen commanded the Hart from 1646 to 1648. In 1648, he commanded first the Weymouth and then the Recovery. In 1649, he commanded the Hind. Sources:
  1. R. C. Anderson, Lists of Men-of-War 1650-1700: Part I English Ships 1649-1702, 1966.

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