Saturday, April 23, 2005

English Captain: Jasper Grant

Andrew found some information about Jasper Grant, who served in the Restoration navy. He was born about 1625 and died in 1697. He served in the navy from 1665 to 1674. He had only 4 commands during that period. Before 1665, he was a merchant captain and privateer. He was "married by Gillian Hely of Kinsale in 1667, and his will was dated 8 April 1697 at Grantstown. His commision dated 17 April 1664 appointed him to "The Mermaid", and dated 2 April 1672 to the command of "The Reserve". Both commissions were signed by James Duke of York, then Lord High Admiral." From Pepys, we know a little more about Jasper Grant. Pepys has him appointed to the Mermaid in 1665. Later in 1665, he was appointed to command the 4th Rate Sapphire. In 1672, he was appointed to command the 4th Rate Reserve. He was discharged by a court martial in 1672. Frank Fox has information about Jasper Grant's service in the Second Anglo-Dutch War. Jasper Grant fought in the Battle of Lowestoft, in the Mermaid (28 guns), where he was assigned to the Duke of York's squadron. At the time of the Four Days Battle, Jasper Grant was operating off Ireland with the Sapphire. He was still assigned to Ireland during the St. James's Day Battle on 25 July 1666.

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