Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dutch Naval Officer: Carel van Putte

Carel van Putte was born in Vlissingen on 11 January 1634. He died in Vlissingen on 17 April 1695. He served the Admiralty of Zeeland. He commanded in the operation to take Prins Willem III to England in 1688. He fought in the Battle of Beachy Head in 1690. In 1692, he fought in the Battle of Cape La Hougue. In 1694, he fought at Camaret. IOn 23 August 1666, he was appointed extraordinary captain. In 1672, he was appointed as captain. On 20 September 1679, he was promoted to Schout-bij-Nacht. On 1 April 1684, he was promoted to Vice-Admiral. This is from my translation of the piece in Luc Eekhout's Het Admiralenboek. We know a bit more about him, at least the ships he commanded:
  • 1672: commanded the frigate Ter Goes (34 guns) Probably fought at Solebay
  • 1673: commanded the warship Domburg (60 guns) probably fought in the Schooneveld battles and the Battle of the Texel
  • 1674: commanded the Vlissingen (50 guns) probably in the expedition to Martinique
  • 1688: flew his flag on the Gekroonde Burg (60 guns) in the operation to carry Willem III to England
This is from my unpublished manuscript "Dutch Ships 1620-1700", 2004.

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