Sunday, April 24, 2005

English Captain: Philip Gething (or Gethings)

Philip Gethings served the Commonwealth navy. He was first seen recovering the Mary ketch from the Royalists in 1649. He commanded the 6th Rate Tenth Whelp (16 guns and a crew of 60 men) from 1651 to 1652. In early 1652, his ship was intended for the Summer Guard for 1652. In 1651, he took part in the capture of Jersey from the Royalists. In 1653, he commanded the Convert and then the Mathias. In the Convert, he fought in the Battle of Portland. On 30 March 1653, he sailed from Portsmouth as part of William Penn's squadron. At the Battle of the Gabbard, he was assigned to Joseph Jordan's division. At the Battle of Scheveningen, he probably commanded the Mathias (38 guns). From 1654 to 1656, he commanded the Preston. In 1656 he commanded the Newcastle. He died in 1656. None of my sources mention him during 1656, so I don't know the circumstances of his death. Sources:
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