Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Dutch fleet right before the Battle of Scheveningen

One list of the Dutch fleet that I have is dated 1 August 1653. That is just nine days prior to the Battle of Scheveningen (the Zeeslag bij Ter Heide) on 10 August. The list has ship names, captains, guns, sailors, and soldiers listed. The list is slightly odd in that it was compiled right after some ship changes were made and does not totally reflect them. For example, Cornelis Evertsen de Jonge was flag captain for Johan Evertsen on the new Vlissingen (50 guns, 150 sailors, and 55 soldiers). The West Cappel and the Vlissingen are both listed with Cornelis Evertsen de Jonge. There are some striking features, such as a Middelburg Directors' ship named Bonaventura not being listed. The only new Middelburg Directors' ship was that of Cornelis Tiebij. The name and details are omitted from this list. The list does not actually say which city hired each of the Zeeland Directors' ships.

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