Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zeeland ships, particularly, carried an odd assortment of guns

On 22 June 1653, the ships of the Admiralty of Zeeland carried a very odd assortment of gun calibers and types. Some were very odd weights, indeed:
bronze 36pdr
bronze 24pdr
bronze 24pdr klokwijs (chambered)
?      20pdr
bronze 18pdr
iron   18pdr
bronze 16pdr
bronze 15pdr
iron   12pdr
bronze 12pdr
bronze 12pdr klokwijs (chambered)
bronze 10pdr
iron    9pdr
iron    8pdr
iron    7pdr
iron    6pdr
bronze  6pdr
bronze  5pdr
iron    5pdr
iron    4pdr
bronze  4pdr
iron    3pdr
bronze  3pdr

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