Friday, May 25, 2007

The plan to arm ships in early 1653

Apparently, the plan to arm the newly built ships is described in Witte de With's journal on 3 February 1653. The plan for the 140ft ships being built was to give them the following guns:
 4-24pdr bronze half-cartouwen 4400 lbs
10-18pdr iron heavy            3600 lbs
10-12pdr iron heavy            2900 lbs
 6-bronze 6pdr drakes           800 lbs

In addition, the following would have been added:

 8-12pdr iron                  2500 lbs
12-12pdr iron heavy            2900 lbs

The latter seem to have been an afterthought, as they are on the left margin, but they bring the total gun up to a more reasonable 50 guns.

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