Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dingeman Cats' ship the Liefde

I happen to have an inventory of the guns carried on Dingeman Cats' ship, the Liefde (23 guns), dating from June 1653. The Liefde was a ship of the Admiralty of Zeeland. Captain Cats moved to the Liefde from the Dolphijn following the storm in the Shetlands in early August 1652. The Liefde carried a rather modest armament but must have been a good ship, as the Liefde served until at least the end of 1653. The main battery of the Liefde consisted of 8pdr guns of about 2150 pounds. Presumably, these were iron guns. There were a small number of 3pdr guns of 714 or 744 pounds. The rest were 4pdr guns. There was one very light 4pdr of 413 pounds. Several more were of 1155-1175 pounds. The remainder were of about 1530 pounds.

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