Monday, November 01, 2004

English Ship: Marmaduke

The Marmaduke was a former Royalist ship, the Revenge. She deserted to the Parliamentarians circa 1650. There is a note from Captain John Taylor, the Master Shipwright at Chatham saying that the Marmaduke would be ready in 10 days. This was reported, based on a letter from the officer preparing the ship dated August 27th, 1652.

The Marmaduke fought in the First and Second Anglo-Dutch Wars. In 1666, she carried 12-culverins (18pdr), 22-demi-culverins (9pdr), and 8-sakers (5-1/4pdr). Her dimensions were 87ft x 31ft-5in x 15ft-2in. 87ft was the length on the keel. I would estimate that her length on the gundeck would be about 108ft. The purpose-built frigates had less rake, but the Marmaduke was a former merchantship and I would expect a rake of at least 0.25 x LK.

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