Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dutch Captain: David Janszoon Bondt (or Bont)

David Janszoon Bondt (Bont) lived from about 1600 until 6 September 1652. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He was a Lieutenant in 1621, an Extraordinary-Captain in 1644, and Captain in 1652. In 1639, he was a Commandeur at the Battle of the Downs. He was in Commandeur Denijs' squadron on the South side of the battle.

Captain Bondt was initially under Joris van Cats, but Cats was replaced in early July 1652 by another old Mediterranean hand, Johan van Galen. Captain Bondt was killed in action at the Battle of Elba (Monte Christo) on 6 September 1652, while fighting the English. He commanded the 40-gun ship Maan (which had a "man-in-the-moon" painting on the taffrail). The Maan and the Vereenigde Provinciën had clapped themselves alongside Richard Badiley's flagship, the Paragon, but both captains were killed and the ships driven off. The Maan's crew had actually been ready to surrender, but Badiley was too hard-pressed to take possesion of the Maan. The Maan was completed in 1643 and her dimensions were 128ft x 31.5ft x 12ft. Her crew consisted of 140 men.

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