Friday, November 19, 2004

Dutch Captain: Hendrick Janszoon de Munnick

Given Hendrick Janszoon de Munnick's presence in the list of ships and captains that took part in the blockade of Danzig in 1656, we must conclude that he was not, in fact, killed at the Battle of Portland. There are a number of cases where we see in The First Dutch War, where there is correspondence telling of a captain's death, and then we find that the writer was mistaken. There is no doubt, however, that his ship, the Wapen van Holland, was sunk at Portland. There were a number of ships of that name taken or sunk, and one of them served with the English fleet as the Arms of Holland. We can be certain that this was not Hendrick de Munnick's ship, as the Arms of Holland was listed on December 27, 1652, in the English service (The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, page 315).

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