Saturday, February 27, 2010

A ship of interest from David de Wildt's list from 22 February 1652

David de Wildt, the secretary of the Admiralty of Amsterdam, compiled a list of ships at Amsterdam that were suitable for hiring for service with the navy. Several ships are of particular interest. The names and dimensions in the list do not always agree in every detail with that in other sources. One name I had originally read as Graeff Monais, I later realized was the Graeff Morais (Maurits). This was a ship owned (I think)by Albert Claesz Graeff. Albert Claesz Graeff commanded several ships during the course of the First Anglo-Dutch War (the 30-gun ship Hollandia and the Star or Morgen Star or Ster). David de Wildt's list gives the dimensions of the Graeff Morais as 132ft x 30ft x 13ft x 7ft. I believe that this was the ship hired by the Amsterdam Directors for service under the name Prins Maurits or Mauritius. The sihp was wrecked in November 1652.

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