Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dutch fleet lists in the First Anglo-Dutch War

I don't really count the Dutch fleet lists for the Mediterranean battles in the First Anglo-Dutch War, as they are very well-known. I don't have everything that is known, as I don't have the good list for the Battle of the Kentish Knock that I have been told exists. I do have two good lists for the opening battle of the war at Dover. I don't have a definitive list of the Fishery Protection Squadron that was attacked on 22 July 1652 (new style). We do have fairly good information about De Ruyter's fleet at the Battle of Plymouth. I have some information, but the published list is at best ambiguous and would seem to be wrong in some particulars. I also have a list that could be refined for the fleet at the Shetland Islands at the time of the storm in early August 1652. We do have a good list of captains for Tromp's fleet at the Battle of Dungeness. You have to have more information, which we have, to actually give the ship names and guns carried. We lack a good list for the fleet in the Three Days Battle (the Battle of Portland). Seemingly, the documents were destroyed in the fire in 1844. Again, we have good lists that need to be refined for the Battle of the Gabbard and the Battle of Scheveningen (Ter Heide). We also have good information for the ships in Witte de With's fleet that went to Norway in September 1653 and returned in early November, only to be devastated by a severe storm off the Texel. Hopefully, some of this will be published in the next few years. Rif Winfield published a small amount, without the details in his new book.

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