Thursday, September 25, 2008

Legier Pietersz (van Cruyningen)

This is my translation of what Mollema has about Legier Pietersz:
Legier Pietersz (van Cruyningen)
about 1540-1 May 1620 Zeeuwsche kapitein in 1583

1588 probably served under Loncq against the Armada.
1592 captured a Dunkirker.
1595 distinguished himself at Dunkirk in the blockade fleet, attacked
two privateers at Calais.
1597 off Spain under Duivenvoorde.
1599 was wounded in a fight against a galleon from Sluys.
1600 fought under Evertsen at Lillo and captured a Spanish admiral from Antwerp.
1603 distinguished himself in a sea fight off Sluys.
1606 flag captain for Haultain in the expedition to Spain,
 dismissed from the service due to his old age and wounds.

Source: J. C. Mollema, De Eere Rol, from Geschiedenis van Nederland ter  Zee, Vol.II, 1940.

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