Monday, September 08, 2008

The 38 ships of the 100 hired by 9 June 1652

Dr. Elias, in Vol.II of Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van Ons Zeewezen mentions that at first, only 38 ships of the 100 were hired. We know that by 9 June 1652, that the 38 were hired:
 8 from Rotterdam
11 from Amsterdam
 7 from Zeeland
 7 from the Noorderkwartier
 5 from Friesland

We know that some of these ships were actually built as warships. Some were sold or laid up after 1648, at the Peace. Some ships of that sort were reactivated after July 1651 as part of the 36 ships (variously mentioned as between 35 and 37 ships). Even the newly built warship Campen (40 guns) was funded by the 100 ships appropriation.

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