Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Three Days Battle or Battle of Portland

Today, I made several small corrections to the Dutch Wikipedia page for the Driedaagse Zeeslag (the Three Days Battle). The English call this the Battle of Portland. I am working on a list that only has ships that I have a good deal of confidence were in the battle. For some reason, there is not a fleet list for the Dutch in the most obvious places at the Nationaal Archief. There may be a such a list in an "obvious place", but if so, it is not so easily accessed by my researcher. I am reduced to how I had always operated prior to gaining access to archival information. I look at the published sources for references. I also had several references from archival sources following the battle, from March 1653. That allowed me to build a list with 58 ships of about 70 that fought in the battle. I can guess at more but I don't actually have a solid reference for them.

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