Sunday, February 10, 2008

Did Dirk Gerritsz Pomp command the St. Jan Battista?

I have been studying the list of captains in the Fishery Protection Squadron on 22 July 1652, as shown in the book by Lambertus van den Bosch, Leven en Bedryf van den Vermaarden Zeeheld, Cornelis Tromp, published in 1692. There were 15 ships in the squadron and some of them are easy to list. For Amsterdam, just consult The First Dutch War, Vol.IV and the list of Amsterdam ships. The list shows the Marcus Curtius and the Catarina lost. Apparently, the ships discarded were also in the squadron, such as the Patientia and Engel. For Rotterdam, we know the Paulus and the Sphera Mundi. For the Noorderkwartier, we know the Sampson, Wapen van Holland, Adam en Eva, and Land van Beloften for sure. The published list of 12 ships that excludes the Marcus Curtius seems to be at least partially incorrect. From analysis, I wonder if Dirk Gerritsz Pomp commanded the St. Jan Battista, which I believe was in the squadron. Van den Bosch lists Dirk Gerritszoon, which I assume was him.

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