Friday, July 20, 2007

Ship characteristics in the Dutch building program in 1653

I was looking, again, at this page (22 February 1653) that gives some details of the ship designs for the 1653 building program:
130ft long, 32ft wide with 130 sailors and 20 soldiers
136ft long, 34ft wide with 145 sailors and 20 soldiers
140ft long, 36ft wide with 150 sailors and 25 soldiers
150ft long, 38ft wide with 200 sailors and 50 soldiers

There were nominally only three designs, but some 140ft long ships were built. They included the Amsterdam ship Amsterdam, except with a 34ft beam, and the Oosterwijk with a 35ft beam, and the Friesland ship Oostergoo, seemingly with a 40ft beam.

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