Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Rotterdam ship Dordrecht in 1642

The Rotterdam ship Dordrecht, which was captured by the English at the start of the First Anglo-Dutch War, was built in 1639. I have a page about the ship dating from 1642, when the Dordrecht was about 3 years old. In June 1652, the Dordrecht was commanded by Sier de Lieffde. The ship was about 115ft-7in x 27ft-3in x 10ft-10in. In 1652, the Dordrecht carried 6-bronze 12pdr, 12-iron 8pdr, and 8-iron 6pdr guns. In 1642, the ship was said to be of 130 lasts. if we do the lasts calculation that would mean: 130 lasts = (115.64 x 27.27 x 10.91) / K where K=264.65. The Dordrecht carried 28 guns in 1642: 2-bronze 12pdr, 10-iron 8pdr, 8-iron 6pdr, 2-bronze 4pdr, and 6-iron 4pdr guns. In 1652, the broadside weight was 128 lbs. In 1642, the broadside weight was 92 lbs.

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