Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So what is in J. C. De Jonge's notes?

J. C. De Jonge was the author of the multi-volume book Geschiedenis van het Nederlandsche Zeewezen. To my taste, the best parts of the book are in the appendices. Those for Vol.I are particularly interesting. Now we learn that De Jonge's notes and papers are in the Nationaal Archief. De Jonge had access to documents that were destroyed in the disastrous Minstery of Marine fire in about 1844. The question is if his notes contain the names of ships for which he has gun lists and also for the lists of ships, does he have the names? The one list that I am particularly interested in is that for March 1653. Having the names of the ships in that list would answer many remaining questions. Carl Stapel has the reference for De Jonge's papers:
"the notes of dr J.C. de Jonge filenr almost 1 meter in length... !!" in the Nationaal Archief in The Hague.

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