Monday, September 04, 2006

Are the Kalmar Sleutel dimensions in Maas feet?

I was just looking at Ron van Maanen's document and saw the dimensions for the Kalmar Sleutel, which was sunk on 22 July 1652, while in the fishery protection squadron, when attacked by English frigates. Ron gives rather small dimensions: 103ft x 25ft x 11ft. I had originally assumed that these were Amsterdam feet, but they are quite small, and I know suspect that they are in Maas feet, which would make the vessel more normal size. One factor was that Ron gave the armament as 22-28 guns. I don't see 28 guns on a 103ft vessel. If the dimensions given were in Maas feet, the converted Amsterdam dimensions would be about 112ft x 27ft x 12ft, which are quite reasonable. This is derived from Ron van Maanen's list "Dutch Warships 1600-1800".

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