Sunday, February 20, 2005

English Captain: Richard Trevanion

In 1665, he was appointed Lieutenant on the 4th Rate Providence. In July 1666, he was appointed captain of the Marmaduke. At the time of the St. James's Day Battle, the Marmaduke lay either in the Thames or Medway for want of a men for the crew. Later in 1666, he was given command of the Dartmouth. In 1670, he commanded the Richmond. In 1672, he commanded the Bonaventure (46 guns) and then the Dreadnought. He commanded the Bonaventure at the Battle of Solebay, where he was assigned to Sir John Kempthorne's division. He was closely engaged in the battle around the Earl of Sandwich. By August 1672, he commanded the Dreadnought (58 guns) and was in Sir Joseph Jordan's division. On 9 March 1674, he was given command of the Dartmouth. On 22 April 1675, he was appointed as captain of the Jersey. Almost immediately, on 28 April, he was reassigned to the Yarmouth. On 21 July 1677, he was given command of the 6th Rate Saudadoes. On 12 May 1678, he was given command of the Montagu. Later in the year, on 26 October, he was moved back to the Saudadoes. On 22 October 1681, he was again appointed captain of the Saudadoes. Then, on 2 April 1685, the King appointed him to again command the Saudadoes. On 22 April 1687, he was given command of the Hampshire. Finally, on 17 September 1688, he was given command of the Henrietta. Sources:
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