Sunday, February 06, 2005

Abraham DuQuesne's division at Solebay

The greatest French naval officer of the 17th Century was Abraham DuQuesne, who was a Huguenot. At the Battle of Solebay, the French formed the Van or White Squadron. DuQuesne's division was in the lead of the White Squadron. The following ships were in his squadron, presumably in this order:
  1. Illustre, 70 guns Marq. de Grancy
  2. Téméraire, 50 guns M. de Larson
  3. Admirable, 68 guns M. de Beaulieu
  4. Terrible, 70 guns M. du Quesne, Vice-Admiral
  5. Conquérant, 70 guns M. de Thivas
  6. Prince, 50 guns Marq. d'Amireville
  7. Bourbon, 50 guns M. de Kervin
  8. Hasardeux, 38 guns M. de la Vigerie
  9. Alcyon, 46 guns M. Bitaut de Bléor
  10. Vaillant, 50 guns Chev. de Nesmond
  1. Julian S. Corbett, “A Note on the Drawings in the Possession of The Earl of Dartmouth Illustrating The Battle of Solebay May 28, 1672 and The Battle of the Texel August 11, 1673”, 1908.

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