Friday, November 28, 2008

A few big guns on small Dutch ships

A typical practice at the time of the First Anglo-Dutch War was for Dutch many ships to have a few larger guns. I consider this practice to be a continuation of the Elizabethan arming scheme for ships. The Zeelanders certainly followed this pattern:
Zeeuwsche Leeuw      2-bronze 24pdr
Westcappel           2-bronze 16pdr
Amsterdam            2-bronze 24pdr, 2-bronze 20pdr
Wapen van Zeeland    2-bronze 18pdr (the ship of Joost Willemsz Block)
Hollandia (in 1652)  4-bronze 24pdr, 4-bronze 18pdr, 2-bronze 15pdr
                                        (Johan Evertsen's flagship)

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