Sunday, August 24, 2008

My translation of Dr. Elias on the storm off the Texel in November, 1653

This is my attempt at a translation of what Dr. Elias wrote in Vol.VI, pages 121-122, of the storm off the Texel in November 1653. I did a bit of editing of the translation, which a native Dutch speaker could do better (primarily to make the word order match English better):
The Zeeland Directors’ ship Gekroonde Liefde was the first, having been stranded on the shore at the Huisduinen on Sunday afternoon, November 9, at 2 o'clock. The whole crew, Captain Hartman included, met their end in the waves. The entire night the storm continued to rage with undiminished strength; but on, November 10, the fourth day, Monday, under dense hailstorms and hunting snow, the storm reached its peak. The Directors’ ships, particularly, which were generally sparingly provided with anchors and cables, had struggled to resist the hurricane. Of the many vessels which were stripped of their anchors and drifted landwards, the majority were of the Directors. Against two war ships of the state (the Gouda of Amsterdam under captain Ooms, who with the loss of half of its crew, was stranded on the beach at Petten, and the Prins Willem, of the Noorderkwartier, under captain Boermans, who was found with 12 dead men) there were six of the different Directors lost, on this unfortunate day. Of them, on the head of Petten, the Koning David, of Amsterdam, and the Sint Vincent, of Friesland, and at the Oog, the Moorin, of Amsterdam, and the Graaf Hendrick, of Friesland, were thrown on the shore. Only a small part of those on board survived; the captains, Vogelsanck, of the Koning David, and Wagenaar, of the Graaf Hendrick, were drowned. The Zeeland Directors’ ship, the Luipaard, under captain Tiebij, sank with man and mouse and also the Koning Radbout, of the Directors of Medemblick, became victims of the waves, as well as the East-Indian Company’s cruiser Gerechtigheid (under captain Swart, who perished with the majority of his crew) along with the two Zeeland provision fluits.

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