Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Friesland ship Groningen

The Friesland ship Groningen was captured by the English in 1665 and fought in the Four Days' Battle with the English fleet in 1666. We first saw the Groningen mentioned in late 1653, not earlier. The one other mention that I have seen is in 1658. For example, on 8 August 1658, the Groningen was with the fleet headed for the Sound. The Groningen's captain at the time was Laurens Degelencamp (or Degelcamp). Most of the ships carried fewer guns for oveseas voyaging, later in the year. By the time the ships went to the Sound, they did not carry topgallant masts or sails and did not have a spritsail topmast. In August, Groningen carried 34 guns and had a crew of 100 sailors and 15 soldiers.

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