Sunday, March 23, 2008

The list on pages 156 and157 of The First Dutch War, Vol.VI

Yesterday, I was comparing a list from the archives, from the journals of Michiel De Ruyter, and could see, again, that this was the list that C. T. Atkinson had seen and put into The First Dutch War, Vol.VI on pages 156 and 157. Atkinson was not very familiar with the material, so he did not recognize that the list was of the ships in De Ruyter's fleet in mid August of 1652. This is the list that says that Laurens Degelcamp (or Degelencamp) commanded a ship named Gelderland at the time. There are two X's next to the ship Sint Nicolaes and to the Gelderland. The Sint Nicolaes was lost by collision, presumably with Aert van Nes's ship, also named Gelderland.

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