Thursday, June 10, 2004

This is more information transcribed from the "Staet van Oorlogh te Water voor den Jaere 1654", from July 1654. The two ships that I list here were both active participants in the First Anglo-Dutch War. I expect that the armaments listed here are either that carried during the war, or at least representative of what they carried. The Campen had been Joris van der Zaan's ship in the opening act of the First Anglo-Dutch War, when Jacob Huyrluyt and Joris van der Zaan had been convoying 7 Straatsvaarders returning from the Mediterranean. They were stopped by Anthony Young, off the Start. They exchanged a few shots, and then continued on to meet Tromp and his fleet, near Dover, leaving their charges behind, at the Start. Willem van der Zaan took command, after the Battle of Portland, where his brother had been killed.

Date built:1645
Captain:Jan Egbertszoon Ooms
Length:120 feet
Beam:29-3/4 feet
Hold:11-3/4 feet (estimated)
Brass Guns:4-18pdr, 6-6pdr, and 2-4pdr
Iron Guns:14-12pdr and 8-6pdr

Date built:1652
Captain:Willem van der Zaan
Length:128-1/2 feet
Beam:32 feet
Hold:13 feet
Brass Guns:4-18pdr, 6-12pdr, and 4-6pdr
Iron Guns:16-12pdr and 10-8pdr

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